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The Costimator Cost Estimating Software is designed for both job shops and OEM’s that need to provide faster and more accurate cost estimates. Costimator enables manufacturers, including fabricating and machining shops, to quickly and accurately estimate cycle times and costs based on your (or your suppliers) equipment and shop rates.

Whether you are a job shop or contract manufacturer needing to respond quickly and accurately to a request for quotation (RFQ) or an OEM needing to understand what your product costs are throughout the product development life-cycle, Costimator can help.


Costimator provides OEMs with the knowledge they need to identify and understand the cost drivers in the parts they design, manufacture and procure. By breaking down and quantifying the true costs of manufactured parts and assemblies, Costimator allows companies to implement uniform and predictable costing strategies while reducing cost throughout the product lifecycle. Click here for more information.

Costimator provides part suppliers with a fast, accurate, and consistent method to estimate cycle times and costs for quoting and process planning purposes; enabling them to bid with confidence and optimise their ability to win profitable contracts. Click here for more information.

“We chose Costimator because our Excel-based method suffered from a lack of consistency and accuracy across quotes and across different facilities. With the centralised database in Costimator this is not the case. Unlike Excel quoting, Costimator forces collaboration and transparency      

Costimator vs Spreadsheets.

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across the various people involved in the whole process. It introduces a single source of truth for parameters and formulae, thereby eliminating multiple version issues.” Deverick McIntyre, CIO, Ryerson China Limited

Virtual Factory Solutions Ltd are pleased to announce that they have been appointed the UK and European distributors for MTI Systems Inc. Costimator software.