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Of those people that responded:




Believe their company has lost jobs because of over-estimating what their costs would be to make a part during the quoting process.

Believe their company has lost money on a job because the actual cost of manufacturing the part was more than it had been estimated to be.


Have added a "Fudge Factor" to their quotes because they were unsure of its accuracy.


Have not responded to an RFQ because they did not have time to quote it by the stated deadline.


Have customers asking them to justify their pricing by demanding a detailed cost breakdown when submitting a quote.


Over 1,400 job shops and contract manufacturers worldwide have been utilising Costimator for the speed, accuracy and consistency it brings to their quoting process. Costimator calculates the cycle time and cost of manufacturing a part or assembly in your shop, based on the capabilities of your equipment and your shop rates.

Recently MTI Systems surveyed thousands of job shops nationwide to learn what effect cost estimating has on their business.


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